jeyseni's diary


Japanese nowadays(Who is polite?)

I would like to repport today's Japanese behaviors.

1. Who is polite?

The persons in service are polite. Because you pay money for the services. But normal Japanese are not polite. They are just put spaces between you.

2. Who is kind?

The same. Servicing persons are kind. They can speak at least English. But the English is only for their services. No further conversations available. 

3. Who is gentle?

Japanese smiles in any time. They don`t speak English, and they want to go away from you. They aren't good at communicate with you.

4.  Is Japan clean?

No. There are full of trashes all around. Japanese don't care to spit their trashes. It is traditional since Edo ara. 

5. Is Japan safe?

No. At first, Japan is full of girms. They don't put their hands in front pf their mouth when they cough or sneeze.

Second, there are rare guns in Japan, but they use knives for crime. You will be hurt in nearest range. It's fearful.