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Proposal to reconsider how to call COVID-19 coronavirus variant--English ABC order is better

COVID-19 coronavirus, which is still reported as "new coronavirus" in Japan. The mutant variants, which were initially called British variant and Indian variant by naming the country where they were first found, are now called the Greek alphabets "alpha" and "beta" in stead of country names. 

 In response to the discovery of the next "mu variant" in Japan on 9/1, there are many SNS comments such as "Two more variants will be kusai variant". 

 The problem is only in Japan, because "kusai" means smelling in Japanese.

Before that, it is difficult to use the current mainstream "Delta variant" because it is used as multiple company names including airlines.

From the current flow, I think it is safest to replace it with the English alphabet. However, the new mu variant can be "M variant", and delta variant as "D variant".

Other than that, it is confusing because there are multiple equivalents of "O" and "I" in Greek alphabet, so I would like to propose switching to English alphabet as soon as possible. This is because the mu variant is "M variant" and the new variant is "N variant", followed by "O variant" instead of "kusai" variant (of course, it can be called "kushi variant", but It is better to advise WHO because it can hardly recognize the meaning and it is difficult to read in Japanese).

Even so, it will be necessary to investigate the cause of such mutations occurring one after another. It cannot be explained simply by "the possibility of mutation is high because the infection is spreading".